Dear Job Seekers !!!
All professionals!
( B.E.all branches, other Graduates,Undergraduates) Fresher & Experienced

First, with the intentions of creating a pool of Industry Ready Engineers, we founded and started an Hands on Engineering Training Institute by Verdure Infrastructure Solutions in 2012, which was transformed to a Private Ltd. co. i.e. M/s Verdure Skills India Pvt. Limited in 2017 Now after getting success with engineering professionals, we have added & upgraded our Team to assist all those who are willing to get a Respectable Job in Industry or any other employers, as per their core qualifications, interest & aptitude. Through Learning and Development process we provide 100% assistance to interested Job seekers(Electrical, Mechanical, Automobile , Electrical/Instrumental, CS/IT, Civil, graduates of all Stream, Pharmacy)
पहले 2012 में, इन्डस्ट्री रेडी इन्जीनियेर्स का एक पूल बनाने के उद्देश्य से Verdure Infrastructure Csolution भोपाल द्वारा एक Hands on Engineering Training Institute की शुरुआत की गई।इसकी सफलता को देखते हुए इसके फ़ाउन्डर इन्जीनियर S.C.Jain ने इस कम्पनी को 2017 में Verdure Skills India Pvt ltd , भोपाल के रूप में बदला। अब हम 2019 में सभी वर्ग के जॉब Seeker के साथ कार्य करने के लिये, टीम में अन्य उचित लोगों को जोड़ा और कम्पनी का कार्य क्षेत्र बढ़ाया।यहाँ हम सभी लोगों को उनकी मुख्य योग्यता , रूचि व दक्षता को पोलिश कर इन्डस्ट्री से मेच कर उनकी व इन्डस्ट्री दोनों की ज़रूरत पूरी करने का 100% योगदान देने में लगे हैं। करते हैं।

@The Only Institute where you are polished to match Industry/Employer.
@The only Institute where 100% satisfaction is attained.

We have a team of proper blend of Young and experienced professionals which gives us required potential to enable you to match a Job of your Choice and core education.

Our actions match with our words of Commitment.

Mission & Vision

Today, Industry is starving for ready to work professionals and Job seekers are starving for employement,
OUR MISSION is to Create a pool of READY TO WORK Professionals in Engineering & other Sectors.
OUR VISION is More & more Ready to work Professionals, higher & higher GDP of India.

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